Monday, April 25, 2011

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine won the National Book Award this year. Usually I am not a big fan of the National Book Award winners because they tend to be "cutting edge" and deal with subjects that I don't enjoy reading about.  I have read several and thought, "Really?  You really liked this book and deemed it worthy of an award?"  So this award I don't give much clout to.  The Newbery is my favorite.  I think they do a good job, anyway, I digress.  This was a good book and worth of winning.  It is a story about Caitlin who has Aspergers and told from her perspective as she deals with life after her older brother Devon is killed in a school shooting.  It was so good at letting you see how a person like Caitlin sees things and understands them.  Caitlin is trying to find Closure for her and her father--her mother had died from cancer several years prior.  It was a very quick read and so worth it.  Anytime we can read something that helps us better understand each other it is well worth our time.  I laughed out loud at parts and had tears at others.  It is a good one.  Check it out.

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  1. I love when you digress. Digress lots! Mostly because I find we're on the same wave length - esp about the subject of book awards. Love Newbery - not jsut a fan of the others.

    Very much looking forward to your review of The Lemon Tree. I must pick that one up at the library next time.