Wednesday, November 3, 2010

E.D. Baker's The Frog Princess Series

Been some slow reading weeks, see here for details if you are interested, just normal crazy life stuff, anyway, I am currently reading The Wide-Awake Princess  by E.D. Baker.  I really like her stuff and thought I would spotlight her Frog Princess Series.  There are 8 books in this series.  Number 8 just came out in September and is called A Prince Among FrogsThe Frog Princess is the first book in the series and a great fractured fairy tale.  Now I have seen and read that Disney's Princess and the Frog was based on this book.  I would say very extremely loosely based, and I would never have made the connection if I hadn't read it, and the first time I did read it was based on this book I didn't believe it because they are just not the same.  There is a boy in both movie and book that turns into a frog, and when the girl (a princess in the book, not a princess in the movie) kisses said frog she does turn into a frog, but all similarity ends there.  I couldn't even compare them beyond that, no other similarities because they are such totally different stories.  Not a fan of the movie, but love the books.  Each book in the series continues the tale of the Frog Princess and her children, grandchildren and on, and one is a prequel about her mother and grandmother.  All very entertaining.   If you love a good fairy tale, which I always do, these are great reads.  My girls have all liked them, and they are also entertaining for adults.

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