Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wide-Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker
This is the story of Sleeping Beauty's younger sister who when she was born the fairy blessed her that no magic can affect her--good or bad, so when Sleeping Beauty touches the needle of a spinning wheel and puts the whole castle to sleep, it doesn't affect her sister.  So the wide-awake sister sets out to find the true love of Sleeping Beauty to break the spell and wake everyone up.  Along the way she meets several other fairy tale characters--the frog prince, Hansel and Gretle, the bear from Snow White and Red Rose, and a few others.  It is a fun adventure to save her sister and her kingdom and maybe find own true love also.  Loved this!  It was as lot of fun to read.  My 10 year old daugher also read and enjoyed it. 

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