Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rebekah by Orson Scott Card

Rebekah is the second in Orson Scott Card's Women of Genesis  trilogy.  I didn't like this one as much as I enjoyed Sarah, the first one.  The story of Rebekah's early life and being found by the well were very good, but once she got with Issac it seemed like they were just arguing all the time.  It was interesting the author's take on Issac and how he dealt with almost being sacrificed by his father.  This plays into a lot of why they argue and what makes Issac how is he.  Yes, these men were prophets, but prophets are still men and human and have the whole range of emotions and experiences everyone else had--or sometimes they have way worse than most have had.  I am sure dealing with that was not an easy thing for Issac, and that issue brings up a lot of the arguing and discussions that Rebekah and Issac have.  Issac never feels like he is quiet good enough, and then it goes in the story of Esau and Jacob.  It tells of their growing up, and how Rebekah helps Jacob to trick Issac to give him the birthright.  It was a good read, interesting, but I just felt like the arguing/discussions of Rebekah and Issac were a little too much too often.  I am anxious to read the last called Rachael and Leah and see how that compares. 

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